To shine, focus online!

Business card days are gone! Time for virtual card. Word of mouth in a big meeting is no more ! Review, share and five star ratings with genuine recommendations will matter most.

A usual costumer gets hooked via facebook and instagram. New client will walk in your practice via website and you tube.

A big hoarding board, a community brand and stereotypical practice is no more an attraction for many costumers after covid.

Before you invest hard garnered money on real dental practice, chip some in for your online presence. Many new patients, confused patients and misguided patients, try rto search good dentist via internet.

All who look impressive on the internet sphere can not be impressive in real life but you try to be true. Speak plain and simple, try to explain in layman terms, be at their disposal if they want to connect.

Very soon, with the growth of smart and promising greenhorn dentists, dentistry is going to be a boutique business in cities like Kathmandu, Pokhara, and other major towns of Nepal.

If you want to self help, google and work one by one. If you want expert help, contact us. But whatever ways, show your online presence soon.

  1. Create your own minimalistic website ( do not ask very big IT company. They will inundate with big idea. You start small and let it grow on your palm). Ask us if you need very basic help. We can write organic content and design basic website with nominal charge for our IT staff.
  2. Start your you tube (with some videos right away). Ask us if you need help. But, we encourage you to do it yourself.
  3. Create e-Brochure. Very easy thing. But, take time for content.
  4. Show your google presence. Ask your patients to review it.
  5. Inform your followers with basic hygiene blogs/posts via facebook/instagram.

For any help, drop your message: 9851007337. We will outsource it to dedicated team.

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