Local lead, global speed!

World is in its breakneck speed of changes and developments. To catch train we have to outrun the trend, learn and use that in our day to day work.

A not-to-miss dental conference in Vancouver, a cool dental clinic in Sao paolo, cosmetic dentist of Bangkok,  a new development by Japanese dentist, what not?

A Dental Tree Nepal. Global fact, local impact. Global search, Local Growth.

Our news, alerts, marketing tricks, regular blogs, things we manage for you,  Our IT and Other growth related services.

Branding is new normal in individual business. Dental practice is like a one person busness as a makeup studio, barber shop and esthetic clinics. No matter how diffrent specilists and role beaers are namelisted, one or two perosn owns the practice.

So, personal branding is another step you can not miss to run your business  market.

Connect,  contribute,  learn, unlearn, relearn,  grow and evolve. And, be unique yourself.

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