Slow but very effective organic ways of marketing small dental Practice.

  • First of all, use your social media connector that is called Linktree. Linktree is free of cost as well, or if you want to pay, you can pay buy the premium version as well. Linktree can be a connecting link of your all social platforms.

    With Linktree, you can connect your YouTube, Facebook, Instagram,Twitter, and more social platforms you wish to add.

It give one link. That link you can publish as a landing link. Its benefit is; all users may not use all social media: Some use twitter only, some Instagram or some Facebook only some YouTube viewer only. This caters to all by giving all links at once. 

And second part is you be always active for membership drive for your potential customers if you are especially focused in the local areas. Because in local areas, you know people, people know you.Play your trick and make them member. Only for the heck of membership, they won’t be member, so you have to entice them. You have to attract them by the amenities you offer them. 

So, offer interesting and attractive amenities as possible, just for example, you tell them you will givethem time for consaltation during off hours, suppose your clinic is ten to five, you can offer your members if they want before ten or after five, you will be giving time to them as an opportunity. And second thing for members you will be receiving their emergency calls when they’re having difficult times with their teeth and advise them. So, if you will receive or reply their emergency calls, they will be easily attracted to your offer as a member. And, third thing you will be offering fixed discounts (discount is very controversial nowadays because you raise the price and you discount, people thinkthat. So, give them certain amount of price range for the members and let them be aware about the price which is special for them, which is not available in all other places. And last but not the least, attractive amenities for members can be; if you are young and energetic, can drive a bike or your own ride. You can do home visit for old and ill patients who are just home bound. This would be another option for you or another enticing offer you will be giving to your members. In this case, in the first place, you will be getting patients or members. On the other hand, you will be giving a social service to people who would like your way of serving humanity doing home visit. So these four things can help you to raise your member numbers. 

Another marketing step can be. Make your own website. Because website is just like your telephone nowadays. If you have a business, or if you’re a person who wants to connect to the public , website can be another must have thing, like your telephone, like your phone number, like your name, like your identity card. So, make your nice website. Website price ranges from 20/25K to even 100/ 200Kbut go for the very basic and minimalistic ones, but make sure the website you have is frequent glitch proof, and, at least, it is not infected more often because hackers and bots are there who inject malware and website becomes not a good experience to go through by many . And, write regular blog, write regular posts these blogs and post should not be that long and full of philosophy. You write at least 100 word, that will usually make you updated in the first place and second is, you will be giving to the community and people will start seeing your presence in a virtual world as well.

In a website what you can write about your business  FAQs. A common queries people are going through. FAQs is the most important thing because FAQs can usually attract people because people always want to ask questions and they need answer, FAQs option is for give that. 

And for the local business owners. Another interesting thing is, FM radios, because with the advent of big TV screens, with the advent of mobile phones and video on the social media, people’s eyes are now slowly tired by seeing a lot of videos a lot of controversial things so people may slowly get back to podcasts, radio voice. Get back to radios because radio is only for ears that won’t make you too strained and they can listen while working. Radio/podcast will soon be in fashion in our part of the world. You can buy a slot in your local FM radio if you can afford and do it that will help you to get more clients, 
So these are basic things you can work to uplift your business to grow your business, especially you are focused in local areas.

By Dr Dinesh Karki, Dentist based in Kathmandu, marketing enthusiast, blogger, hiker, book lover, and learner. Founder of , #DentalTreeNepal

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