Heed, there is your need!

Job market is getting wider but competition is becoming more harsher. A fresh grad from college drops his bio-data at every dental clinic and hospitals. Hspitals try to wring him to the fullest with tiniest of remuneration in return when he cuts his first teeth of dental career.

Some clinics / hospitals ask for work for months and salary is clogged for more months. Dentists are becoming cheaper for hospital owners and hospitals are becoming a glamour for greenhorn dentists. So, things , seem sometimes!, are balanced between interests.

Keeping all these in mind, we are starting a job pool platform here. Interested dentist can showcase his/her resume and vacancy announcer can put there vacancy here. We are work as a bridge or pool of job oppurtunuty.

There are certain conditions to apply. But, hope this can of help for many.

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