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In Nepal People are slowly becoming concious of dentistry. And, manpower who can shoulder the dental health of nation is also slowly growing. Good part is just like country being decentralized, dentists are also slowly spreading around the country and around the corners of diffrenr cities instead of focussing in the down town and urban areas. That means more people are benefiting from well trained manpower.

Keeping in mind we are here as DentistNepal.Com platform. It is founded by Dr Dinesh Karki who is also a dentist by training. His 12 odd years clinical dentistry’s experience, his interest in IT, photography, videography, blogging and intense interest to help fraternity will be of a stepping stone for DentistNepal to grow fast. Dentist Nepal will spread news of dentist and dentistry as a whole along with guiding common people about health and hygine of their teeth, gums and clearing misconceptions .

So, If you are a clinical dentist. Be a part of DentistNepal.com. From Today ( February 21, 2021) we are slowly becoming professional. We will hire professional IT experts, professional designers, Professional photogragrapher, Professional videographer, Professional content writer for our platform. That means penny will slowly drain from this point onwards.

Your clinic, your hopsital, Your personal brand, your dental supplies, your dental hygiene products, Your dental laboratories all matter for us. If you own any of these, you can bring them to visibly via slow and steady but impactful growth. Growth is unstoppable. Lets join hands together. We are coming to you soon.

We would like to thank 31 doctors for being corner stones of DentistNepal.Com .

Thank you so much. Keep giving us feedback. Lets raise ourselves together just like impnatologists raise floor of Maxillary sinus.

eMail: DentalTreeNepal@gmail.com

Phone: 9851007337 ( Text will be nice before the conversation)

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