Commitment to the profession

Guest Post by

Dr Surabhi Mahidar , Prosthodintist beased in India.

As a clinician and academician over a period of 11 years after my pg,

Few things i wanna share with people who are starting their journeys in dentistry.

– Commitment to the profession is important.
Love it to live with it.
Ups and downs are a part of profession
Dont be on 9th cloud when there are ups and dont give up when there are downs.
Just stick on with love.

– Luck is important but hardwork is the key.
If things are working with shortcuts,they fade away soon. If things are not working with hardwork,they will start working soon and will be with u always.

– God fear is very important.
Before starting work daily,pray once that u have to justify ur work atleast by 80 percent.
No one can do 100 percent..Afterall everyone is a human.ur work is ur prayer.

– Never compare urself with anyone else..u have ur own a better person tomorrow .thats the only competition u have. If any one prospers ,be happy for them..never pass on negative vibes to anyone.

-Never talk about other dentists before any one..just smile and change topic.u r also a dentist.dont forget that.

– Standardize ur protocols.stick on and work.sometimes it doesnt work..just move on and again try.

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– Do service for the needy.Blessings do come back to ur loved ones

– Treat ur office staff well.They are our extended family.Keep them in the loop.But at the sametime draw a line..know the difference

– know your value when patients wait for you sitting in opd.Respect them,treat them and also be an authority. Keep things under control always.

– Invest wisely and in increments..know what your practice is maily based about and invest. Dont invest unnecessarily coz someone else invested on.something . Move on from ego dentistry.

-Spend time with ur loved ones with in the time u have. Dentistry is a part of is more than that. Cherish that.

– Stress is the biggest drawback of dentistry.
Unwind urself time to time ..keep urselves fit.its a stress buster.

-Dont try to be someone else ..we r dentists and we should be proud of that.

Have a great day 
Let everyday be a happy dentists day
Love and luck, Mahi.

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