Be a part of dentist list Nepal.

A person can find you as good dentist and can be your patient for good.

If you are not interested, forget it. If you want your “personal profile”, “clinic profile” and “specialty feature” being described, posted and shouted out on, Please connect and fill a form that we are collecting via

eMail us your details.

  1. Your full name
  2. Your special interest in dental practice or specialty you have
  3. Your Clinic Name
  4. Your Hospitral Name
  5. Your Location ( Kathmandu/districts/out of Nepal..Mention clearly)
  6. Your degrees and registration details
  7. Your facebook link, instagram link, you tube links, your practice/personal websites ( if any) can also be sent if you wish
  8. your Professional Photograph.
  9. Are you interested to consult Online? ( Your reply. )

(We are also creating a form to collect/oragnize data well. )

This is a handcrafted niche platform designed by Dr Dinesh Karki himself ( IT enthisiast dentist who has special interest , of late, in Marketing /content creation/multimedia, IT and Writing )

(First few will be offered complimenary opportunity to be featured. Our IT team whom we outsource majority of designing is working hard for this project. )

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